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After fashion school( Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne) and five years with Christian Dior Haute Couture, she turned towards the theatre and the cinema, spending eight years designing costumes for over forty shows. She holds a Diploma in Cinema Decor and Scenography from the ESAT (Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques).

She has worked with some of the greats, including Peter Brook, Raoul Ruiz, Robert Hossein, Philippe Lagarce, La compagnie Preljocaj, André Téchiné, Roman Polanski and Daniel Mesguich.

But she has also painted for some years now, using an approach which she calls writing-painted.

Words are the root of images, since it is through words, the magic of words, that Isabelle Anselot expresses herself.

It is the art of discussion.
Creating a pictorial scenography.
Her world is a bit like an "opera of desires and repressed feelings".
We are, you are, they are the Adam and Eve of civilisation.

But let the artist herself speak of her work:

"These canvases would not have any meaning if I had to paint people as they are; their value comes from the fact that I paint the effect that they have on us. Each word has an image associated with it; each group of words makes a painting.

They are my fuel, no creation is possible without them. Words which I assemble, which I play with, words which I place, like a conductor, on my canvases: words become image, and so we get writing-painted.

Women are my favourite subject, those that evoke desire and fear, those of the world of fashion and those of Eros. They are feline, wild creatures."

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